Terms and Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions of Main Beam Driving School .
they are based on the code of practice for all Approved Driving Instructors .
It is important that each student reads these Terms and Conditions . If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions please do hesitate to ask the owner .
Main Beam Driving School can not accept any responsibility for any misunderstanding arising from a student not reading them.

Driving Licence
1. It is a condition of Insurance that all students must make sure that they are holders of a valid and signed current DRIVING LICENCE . This Must be produced on the first driving lesson .
2. Students must inform the Instructor if they have any Driving Convictions or endorsements on their driving licence or obtain any whilst receiving professional Driving Tuition
3.Students must inform the Instructor if they suffer from any Learning Disability or in receipt of any prescribed medication.which could affect the ability to drive .

Postponement of Lesson by Main Beam Driving School
1. If the training car breaks down or is unavailable , a lesson may have to be postponed at short notice if this happens a new lesson date would be booked with agreement between the client and your instructor .
In the case of a Driving Test , Main Beam Driving School will pay for the Clients new test .
Clients must be aware that it may not be possible to contact a client to postpone a lesson in the case of an emergency or a breakdown .
2 If your Instructor is unavailable for an arranged lesson at least 24 hrs will be given to the client so that a new lesson date can be arranged.
3. Any Clients Driving Test WILL ALWAYS take priority over a driving lesson . therefore should this situation arise an alternative lesson date and time would be arranged .

Cancellation of a lesson by a Client
If a Client is suffering from an illness or has an emergency it would be appreciated if a phone call or text message is made at the earliest opportunity in order to arrange an other lesson.
If the Client is in knowledge of a Dentist / Doctors or booked holiday which is the same time as your driving lesson then 48hrs notice must be given to the instructor .
WHERE A CLIENT CANCELS DRIVING LESSONS ON A HABITUAL BASIS , action will be taken to remove them from professional driving tuition
When a lesson has been arranged and the Instructor turns up to start the lesson at the confirmed address ,and the client does not turn up THE CLIENT WILL NO LONGER HAVE ANY DRIVING LESSONS
Where a Client has paid for a block booking of driving lessons and does not turn up or cancels at the last moment they will be charged for the lesson.

Postponement of a Driving Test
1. The Driver and Vehicle Standards agency . the Governing body who regulate DRIVING TESTS require a statutory period of notice in accordance with government regulations for the postponement or cancellation of a driving test .
please be advised that Main Beam Driving School can not be held responsible for the test fee if the client does not re arrange the test day before the statutory notice period .
2 . Main Beam Driving School , is not responsible for a cancelled test or postponement by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency due to bad weather or examiner not being available if this happens an alternative date is arranged and the fee is remained payable .
3. Clients must be aware on test day at the Driving Test Centre both parts of the provisional Driving Licence must be produced , also a theory pass certificate and test appointment conformation . failure to do this will result in the test being cancelled and loosing your fee . Main Beam Driving School can not be held responsible for the test fee if these documents or not produced .

Students Contact Details
Main Beam Driving School will notify by text message a client either the evening before or morning a driving lesson which has been booked in an effort to prevent non fulfilment of the lesson
Main Beam Driving School will also notify a client if the Instructor is late for a lesson due to traffic conditions or is held up for any
other reason.
It is also the duty of a client to Inform the Instructor of any new contact details this includes mobile & home telephone numbers ,

Price Increases.
Clients must be aware that due to operating costs the basic hourly rate charged for a driving lesson are subject to change . when lessons price are to be Increased clients will have one months notice .

When a client is giving payment for individual lessons , the lesson fee must be paid to the Instructor at the Start or end of the lesson.
If a client can not afford a lesson It would be appreciated if contact is made with the Instructor at the earliest opportunity.


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