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I was very apprehensive to begin driving lessons as I had NO Experience .
ANDY would talk me through every step as many times as I needed to help with my skills and build up my confidence eventually letting me have goes on my own after learning the individual skill .

Andy is such a calm and patient person which is great as you don’t feel any added pressure and reassured me every lesson which also gave me the self confidence to keep on learning to drive .

I Will be forever grateful for the time and effort Andy put into teaching me to drive and I would Highly Recommend him to anyone after a first class Driving Instructor ,


I started my driving lessons in the December
With some very good progress I passed my Driving Test ,FIRST TIME in the July
I’m now driving around in my own car.
Andy s, kind and calm nature made the driving lessons very enjoyable even at 9am on a Saturday morning , I felt that each lesson was very structured and worthwhile .
Andy is extremely patient and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is wishing to learn how to drive



I was very nervous when I first started my Driving Lessons with Andy , but he reassured me and talked me through anything I was unsure of .
Andy was always patient and very approachable , never raised his voice if I made a mistake , I never felt like I was being rushed or pressured into booking my test to early .
I feel that I have learnt a lot from Andy being my driving instructor and prepared me for my future As a Driver and are forever thankful to him for helping me pass my Driving Test at the First Attempt on January 19th 2017 with only a couple of minor markings .
I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants Driving Lessons .
thank you for everything you’ve done for me Andy |||


I decided to book my Driving Lessons with Andy AT Main Beam Driving School due to several of my friends recommendations,
I was a little nervous for my first lesson , but Andy my instructor was very friendly and approachable, giving me the confidence to get out on the roads.
The lessons were very structured , making it excellent value for money ,also helping me to progress my driving at a fast and efficient rate .
With andys help I was able to pass my Driving Test at the VERY FIRST attempt .
I would most definitely recommend Andy at Main Beam Driving School to anyone looking for a Knowledgeable , confidence building Driving Instructor .


I started learning to drive with Andy , was very nervous , but Andy was very patient and understanding of my nerves.
With Andy’s Encouragement I quickly gained lots of experience and my confidence grew .
I was aware that there’s a list of successful clients who had passed their tests First time one after another so I had a lot to live up to .
I Myself passed First Time , was very elated I had followed in the footsteps of Andy’s previous clients .
I would absolutely highly recommend Andy as a driving Instructor , he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Driving expectations .
He’s patient and very adaptable , I’m very grateful to Andy for getting me Through my Driving test and obtaining my FULL Driving Licence .
And to say that I’m absolutely loving my newly found freedom .



The Biggest thank you must go to Andy Wharton the owner of Main Beam Driving School , for actually teaching me how to Drive .
If everyone who has liked my pass on Face book , oh by the way the Likes totalled 115, and Congratulated me could recommend Andy I would be very great full .
Andy is a great driving instructor and knows how to get people to their best .
So anyone looking to learn how to drive Andy is the top man .

Passed First Time September 23RD IN Chester with only 2 minor markings.

Andy Is A great Driving Instructor who was calm and patient throughout . Every Lesson plan was tailored to my needs
And during the last couple of weeks to tighten areas of weakness , I never felt rushed or pressured when learning ,everything was planned a week in advance and he always made sure I was ok with doing that particular skill and was clear what was asked of me before we started off on the lesson .

At the end of the lesson both of us went through the good and bad aspects of the driving lesson and Andy questioned me on how I would improve the bad points , this helped me as I remembered all the points of improvements as I progressed so I rarely made the same mistake twice.

Andy went through all the possible show and tell me questions from the start even showing me how to re fuel which I thought was a great touch .

As I progressed we practised individual driving and popular junctions in Chester , so when my test came I was used to driving independently , and fully prepared for my driving test .

Andy explained how to under take the set manoeuvres with simple to follow rules that were easy to follow .

I Would fully recommend Andy to anybody who is looking for an enthusiastic and easy to get along with Instructor .



Learning to drive with Andy was a really enjoyable and relaxing experience.
I Did,nt feel pressured when driving and appreciated that if I did anything wrong Andy never shouted or heavily criticised me .
He Calmly let me know so that we could correct it .
Getting taught by Andy was a pleasure and I would defiantly recommend him to any of my family and friends who want to start having driving lessons

Thank you Very much Andy I couldn’t have passed my driving test at the First attempt without you .
Cheers Andy .


Absolutely Fantastic, Friendly . Patient, Experienced …. These are just a few words I would use to describe my learning to drive experience with ANDY from Main Beam Driving School.
I was very happy with the service I received from my instructor Andy . Incredibly patient and let me learn at my own pace .
Some other Instructors which I was Unfortunate to use before I was Recommended Andy . seem to rush you through lessons and never had time for you as a learner .
With Andy I was never rushed or made to feel like I couldn’t achieve a FIRST TIME PASS.
I passed at the first attempt and I would like to say a massive thank you for getting me on the road .
Could not have done it without you .


Andy IS a Great Driving Instructor , very Patient , calm and
He Was always on time for my lessons . The Lessons were very relaxed and gave me all the Driving Skills to pass my Test FIRST TIME .
A BIG Thank you to Andy for helping me get my Driving Licence its a great feeling to finally have one .


Thank You Very much Andy for Teaching me to Drive AND Pass my Driving TEST . you’re the best

Thank YOU Andy for putting up with me and enabling me to Pass my Driving Test you have been brilliant thanks again.



Still can not believe I did it yes yes yes I have passed my driving test .
Thanks Andy from a complete novice to a fully qualified driver .
I am very grateful , you didn’t force me and you let me learn at my own pace without any pressure .
When I went on my test I knew exactly what I was doing and every next step I had too take , after the skills you taught me , Andy I couldn’t Fail .
Thank you for all of your support patience and professionalism , you were always on time , easily contactable and kept me on as a pupil even after I had moved to RHYL.
I know driving will and has improved my life , I’m giving you 10 out of 10 .


I passed FIRST TIME Mon Feb 28th 2011 . yes yes yes a date I shall never forget .
Thanks Andy for all of your support throughout my driving lessons , you were kind and considerate always supportive and non judgmental you supported me as an individual and allowed me to learn at my own pace without pressure .
It just goes to show how effective your teaching skills are and your pass rate speaks for its self .


To anyone who Is Looking for a Driving Instructor , LOOK NO FURTHER .You have found the best . to all who are already learning to Drive with Andy keep listening to all the advise he has to offer .
I didn’t think that at somebody my age ( which shall remain a secret ) I would be able to learn to drive and pass a test , but with andys patience and support he got me through ,
I will always be grateful to him for the support leading up to my test day .
Keep up the great work Andy you’re brilliant .



I was very nervous and excited at the same time about learning to drive .
With my first lesson, I didn’t know what to expect or what would be expected from me by the Instructor .
Andy soon put me at ease as the lesson began, as I suffer from dyspraxia my co-ordination and sense of direction is not the best in the world and had caused myself problems for me in the past .
However Andy soon picked up on it and devised a way to help me with my co-ordination and reduce my fears of failing in my goal of learning to drive .
Andy provided me with support in passing my theory which I was very thankful for as I found the hazard perception difficult .
I had a limited time to pass my driving test , I never felt That Andy was taking advantage of me by booking lessons for the sake of it and taking my money .
I am glad and grateful to Andy for all the support he gave me during my learning to drive experience and helping me with my achievement of passing my driving test and obtaining a full driving licence .
I have already and will defiantly recommend Andy to family and friends who want a decent and honest Driving Instructor when requiring driving lessons .



Melanie Kanes  Oct 14th 2014

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