Show ME Tell ME & On the Move Show ME

At the Very Start of your Driving Test The Examiner will ask you Two Questions From the LIST below which all relate to car safety and the general running and safe up keep of any car which you may own .
You Will also be asked to operate a Varity of switches on the move to show the examiner you can maintain control of the car whilst driving .
As an Instructor time will be spent on these questions with my Learners , however they are all here to help any learners learn about the show me tell me part of the Driving test .

Under the Bonnet

Full view of the Engine .
Coolant & Windscreen wash bottle

Can you open the bonnet .
Please Identify Where the WINDSCRREN WASH BOTTLE is located and tell me how you would check the windscreen washer level .
Point closely to the BLUE CAP on the Windscreen washer bottle and . state – ill take the cap off and check the fluid level is at the top and that it is full up .

Can you open the Bonnet
Please Identify where the ENGINE COOLANT RESERVOIR is located and tell me how would check that the engine has enough coolant .
Point closely to the black cap and state – ill look at the upper and lower markings on the bottle and make sure that there is enough coolant in it, if not ill remove the cap and put coolant in to the upper marking . . if your car is of an older design you’ll have to explain about taking the cap off the radiator and having a look inside .

Oil Dip Stick & OIL fill access

Can you open the bonnet .
Identify where you would check the ENGINE OIL LEVEL and tell me how you would check that this engine has sufficient oil in it .also if you need oil where do you fill it up
Point to the Orange dip sick / oil level indicator. Make sure the car is on level ground . describe how to check it. by pulling it out wiping it . putting it back and then looking at the oil level making sure the oil level is between the min and max marks or depending where the oil level should be according to the cars handbook .
If more oil is needed point closely to the black cap with the oil can symbol on it and explain how to fill up with a small top up of oil then re check the oil level with the dip stick .

Brake Fluid Reservoir
Can you open the bonnet .
Identify where the BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR is and tell me how would you check that this car has a safe level of hydraulic brake fluid .
Point closely to the barke fluid reservoir as above in the picture , point out the higher and lower markings and state . the level needs to be at the top marking if not have the brakes checked By a specialist mechanic .

Hazard warning and indicator lights are on .
Hazard warning light switch

Can you SHOW ME how you would check that the direction indicators are in working order .
APPLY THE HAZARD WARNING LIGHT SWITCH as in the above picture and check they are all working by taking a look around the car .also having a look at the dashboard indicator arrows making sure both are also working as in the above picture .


Brake Lights Check

SHOW me how would you would check the BRAKE LIGHTS are working on this car . I can assist you if you need me to .
You can put the ignition on but DO NOT START THE CAR .
YOU MUST Operate the brake pedal with the ignition on , ask a person to stand behind the car to see if the brake lights are working , If you were on your own you could use a reflective surface such as a garage door or shop window

Headlights . Fog Lights  switch & INDICATOR ARMHeadlights & Tail lights

TELL ME how would you switch on the headlights and tail lights ON in this car
I will turn the ignition on and the HEADLIGHT SWITCH twice to the on position , then get out of the car and have a walk round check to make sure they are all ON , Then also confirm they are on by checking the green headlight and side light symbols are illuminated on the dashboard ,

Main beam lights on . BLUE notification Light

SHOW ME how you would switch your headlights front Dipped to MAIN BEAM and can you TELL ME how would you know they were on
The Headlights must be on . I operate the the arm on the left by pulling it forward and making sue it locks into place I would no its on by the BLUE Headlight symbol on the dashboard .

headlights & fog lights on
Headlights . Fog Lights  switch & INDICATOR ARM

SHOW ME how you would switch the front & rear fog lamps on . when would you use The fog lamps .
Turn the headlight switch to the On POSITION and turn then fog light switch twice . making sure they are on by the green and ORANGE lifts are illuminated on the instrument panel .

Power Steering CHECK

SHOW ME & EXPLIAN to me how would you check that the Power Assisted steering is working before starting a journey .
Before starting a journey hold the steering with your left hand & turn the ignition on “as in the above photo ” firm pressure with hand and pushing the steering up to the top of the car whilst doing this , start the engine . the steering wheel should move . or alternatively if the steering becomes heavy whilst driving , the system could be faulty ,


Tyres Tread depthtyres
Tyre Tread DEPTH gauge

TELL ME . How you would check the Tyres to ensure that they have sufficient legal tread depth and the tyres condition are safe to use on the road .
1.6MM is the minimum tread depth . across 3/4″ of the breadth of the Tyres , there should be now air bubbles. Splits
Tears or bulges & the tyres are in good condition . you can check the depth of the tyres with a tyre tread depth gauge .

Tyre PRESSURE Information Label
Tyre  Pressure check and Inflator

TELL ME , where you will find the Information for the recommended tyres pressures for this car , why is it important to have tyres at the correct pressure & how to check the tyres pressures .

Tyre pressures for this car are on a label in the door frame or in the handbook , to check the pressures use a reliable air tyre inflator at a garage or foot pump with a gauge , tyre pressure should be checked when they are cold , its important to have tyres at correct pressure as it aides stability & handling of the car .ALSO remember to check the spare when. Checking your tyre pressures .

.Demister Controls

SHOW ME , how would you set the DEMISTER controls to clear all the windows effectively this includes the front & rear windows .
Set all the controls , ” as above picture ” including , air direction switch , fan speed , heat . & heated rear window switch . advise that the engine has to be running to power the fan .

Horn Position on THE Steering wheel

Head Restraint Correct  Adjustment

Windscreen wiper & wash wipe arm .


SHOW ME . how you would check the Handbrake for excessive wear and has not gone beyond its working life , Make sure you keep the car safe .

Apply firm pressure on the Footbrake , DEMONSTRATE BY releasing and re applying the Handbrake stating that it comes up only to the position ” as in the picture ”


TELL ME , how would you know if there was a problem with the anti lock braking system on a car .
THE ABS warning light will illuminate on the instrument panel if you are driving . this shows there is a fault and needs attention

TELL ME , How you would check that the brakes are working on this car just before you are about to drive the car .
Test the brakes as you drive off . Brake pedal should be at the top of its travel . the brake should not feel loose spongy or slack and the car should brake in a straight line . if it pulls either left or right there is a problem and need urgent attention .

On The Move Show ME.

Turn the Headlights on.
Turn the FRONT windscreen wash wipe on
Turn the REAR Windscreen wash wipe on
Turn the Front DEMISTER ON
Turn the Heated REAR WINDOW on
wind one of the side windows down
Sound the HORN.

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